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Town of Riverhead

Zoning Board of Appeals

Mission Statement:
The Zoning Board of Appeals is directly given jurisdiction by State Law.  Appellate jurisdiction is the power to hear and decide appeals from decisions of those officials' charged with the administration and enforcement of the Zoning ordinance or local law.  This is the primary function and purpose of the Zoning Board of Appeals in zoning administration and encompasses the power (if appeal is properly taken to the board) to interpret the zoning ordinance or local law and to grant variances (use/area with the imposition of conditions).


Terms of office:
The Town Board appoints all Zoning Board members for a period of (5) five-year terms.  The Town Board appoints the Chairman and Vice-Chairman on an annual basis.


Fred. J. McLaughlin, Chairman
Otto Wittmeier, Vice Chair
Leroy Barnes
Frank Seabrook

Ralph Gazzillo


Meeting Dates:
The meetings are held 7:00 p.m. on Thursday evenings.


April 22, 2021
May 13, 2021
May 27, 2021