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Town of Riverhead


Purpose: Sets the valuation of all real property in the Township. Assesses property when a building permit is issued on improvements and additions. Maintains property tax exemptions for senior citizens, veterans, clergy, agricultural, volunteer firefighter/ambulance workers, nonprofit organizations. Additionally, property ownership transfers, splitting and merging of properties through filed maps, tax apportionments, and general information regarding real property tax administration are further responsibilities of the Assessors.


Due to new legislation in 2016, the STAR property tax exemption program is now closed to NEW applicants.

If you had the STAR exemption on your 2015-16 property tax bill, the STAR program remains the same for you.  No further action on your part is necessary, as long as you own the home and continue to make this your primary residence.

New homeowners or those that had never applied for Basic or Enhanced STAR must now REGISTER with the NYS Department of Taxation and Finance to receive a STAR check.

To learn more about the STAR income tax credit/check, please click here.

To REGISTER for the STAR credit/check, go to or call (518) 457-2036.



Due to an Executive Order and subsequent Town Board resolution, senior citizens with limited incomes and persons with disabilities and limited incomes who are receiving either of these property tax exemptions on their 2021/22 tax bill are NOT REQUIRED to renew their application with our office.

This resolution allows you to stay safely in your homes while allowing your current exemption to roll over into next year (2022/23) without the requirement of a renewal application.

However, if your 2020 income is less than that which we have on file, and would result in a greater exemption, you must provide us with a completed and signed renewal application that was previously mailed to you, along with a copy of the income tax returns that would support the greater exemption, no later than March 1, 2022.  Please call our office for guidance on this or any other matter.


ALERT:  If there has been a change in ownership, residency, if the property owner has died, or other reason why you may no longer be eligible for either of these exemptions, you must renew your application with us by March 1, 2022 and report the reason for change to our office immediately.


NEED FORMS? Exemption applications may be obtained by contacting our office or by downloading forms at the following website:

Click this link for Exemption Applications

DEADLINE All exemption applications must be returned to our office on or before March 1st of each year.

QUESTIONS? If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to visit your friendly Assessors and their staff or call 631-727-3200 Ext. 255.

Exemption Applications:
Senior Citizen with Limited Income Application (RP 467)
Enhanced Star Application (RP 425-E)
Enhanced Star Income Verification Program Application (RP 425-IVP)
Disabled Persons with Limited Income Application (RP 459-c)
Alternative Veteran Application (war-time vets) (RP 458-a)

Cold War Veteran Application (non war-time vets) (RP 458-b)
Volunteer Firefighter/Ambulance Worker Application (RP 466-c)

Agriculture Assessment Application (RP 305)
Agricultural Buildings & Structures (RP 483)

Grievance Form (RP 524)

Grievance Form Instructions
2021 Grievance Day Information
(Please note that the grievance period for the Town of Riverhead is May 1st through the 3rd Tuesday in May of each year)

Contact Us

Laverne D. Tennenberg, IAO
Chairperson Ext. 259

Meredith Lipinsky
Member Ext. 254

Dána Brown
Member Ext. 256

Phone: 631-727-3200
ext. 255, 257, 258

200 Howell Avenue
Riverhead, NY 11901

Monday - Friday
8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.