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Town of Riverhead

Food Scrap Collection Pilot
Posted on Monday August 08, 2022
Riverhead Town is proud to announce a Food Scrap Collection Pilot!

Riverhead households produce over 6.5 million pounds of food scraps per year. Today, most of that goes into a landfill, where it makes methane, a greenhouse gas over 20 times more potent than carbon. Those food scraps, when turned into compost provide nutrients into our soil.

Starting August 1st, Riverhead will be collecting food scraps from up to 50 homes, mainly in Calverton, as well as three restaurants, and delivering them directly to one of two farms in Riverhead, thereby ensuring those nutrients stay in our community! This pilot is just the beginning of our efforts to reduce the amount of food waste being landfilled. Be on the lookout for opportunities in your neighborhood to participate in food waste collection! In the meantime, make sure to eat what you buy and try not to let anything go to waste!

If you live in Greater Calverton and want to get involved now, please call (631) 727-3200 ext. 201 for more details.
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